Communication Problems Between Teenagers And Adults

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Communication Between Teenagers and Adults From the beginning of time teenagers and adults have always had conflicts with each other. These conflicts occur most of the time because of the lack of communication between the teenager and the adult. The generation gap between the teenager and the adult can play a role in the problems they have communicating. The superior adult has the instinct that whatever the inferior teenager does can lead to bad things, and lectures the teenager about it. Most of the time teenagers have many other sources of advice they can listen to, and it seems that the adult can become the last resort or not a resort at all. The generation gap, the feeling of being inferior and superior, and the other sources of advice can play a big part in the problems teenagers and adults have communicating. Both parties have an equal role in communicating with each other.

But the choice comes down to the two willing to take that particular role.

The generation gap between teenagers and adults plays a huge part in why they have problems communicating with each other. The adult who had a very different lifestyle and childhood then that of a teenager may have a different view on life. Things unheard of years ago to the adults can now have rational reasoning through the advance of technology. For a teenager to talk to an adult, on a subject that the adult has no idea on can almost become impossible. Still living in the last decade, adults may not correspond with the thinking of today's youthful teenagers. The age difference between the teenager and the adult plays a huge role in the game of communicating between the two.

The superior adult has always had the impulse to contradict...