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Communication Within XXXX America Corporation


In our e-text, I learned a lot about communication and according to the author, communication is the process of sending and receiving messages with attached meanings (p. 190). I learned that the key elements in the communication process include a source, receiver, and a communication channel. The source sends a message with an intended meaning and the receiver decodes the message into a perceived meaning that may or may not be the same. The communication channel is the pathway through which messages are communicated. But from what I have learned, the communication role when involving speaking, expressing through body language, facial looks, tone of voice and even through the smallest gestures will always communicate a message to the receiver. It is always important to know that when people communicate with each other whether email, phone, or in person; that they communicate effectively. Effective communication occurs when the intended meaning of the source and the perceived meaning of the receiver are virtually the same.

The following are two examples of different incidents within my company in which communication was successful and non-successful.

Communication Within XXXX Corporation

In a successful business organization, one that conducts operations on a global basis, communications is crucial to success and strength in a high-tech, competitive market. This is the same at XXXXX Corporation. With customers, branches, suppliers and contacts that are located in several countries on different continents; communication can never be found lacking. Most of the time, the communication efforts, between XXXX and its customers, or even within the XXXX company itself between team members, is successful. However, there are instances where communication fails due to a breakdown in the communication process.

Communication Examples

Using the communication process model, I will break down the following example of unsuccessful communication:...