Communication Process Report: Successful & Unsuccessful Communication Relating to Noises

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According to our e-text, communication is the process of sending and receiving messages with attached meanings (p. 190). The key elements in the communication process include a source, receiver, and a communication channel. The source encodes an intended meaning into a message and the receiver decodes the message into a perceived meaning in which it may or may not give feedback to the source. The communication channel is the pathway through which messages are communicated. But from what I have learned, the communication role when involving speaking, expressing through body language, facial looks, tone of voice and even through the smallest gestures will always communicate a message to the receiver. It is always important to know that when people communicate with each other, two things are at issue. One is the accuracy of communication, which is the issue of effectiveness. Effective communication occurs when the intended meaning of the source and the perceived meaning of the receiver are virtually the same.

The other deals with cost, which is an issue of efficiency. Efficient communication occurs at minimum cost in terms of resources expended. These two issues have led to two different incidents at my company in which the outcome was both negative and positive.

Communication Process

Using the communication process model, the preceding example can be broken down as follows: New York generation power plants qualify as the source in this scenario since they provided the information to the Houston office, the receiver. The communication channel, or pathway that the message was communicated, was through an email that had to be translated from megawatts generated into the equivalent of unit of measurement applied to natural gas usage or Ccf, which represents a unit of volume equal to one hundred cubic feet. Some of the communication was lost in the...