Communication situation analysis.

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Communication Situation Analysis

The rapid advancement of modern technology has empowered us with multitudes of avenues for effective delivery of our communications. The route we chose should be carefully analyzed before use as each delivery may require specific results. Communicating important messages across global or local organizations are complicated, and may require special skills or particular medium depending on the audience one is trying to reach. There may also be ramifications in certain multicultural organizations that are diversified could lead to litigations. Careful planning and consideration should be emphasized, as this may include ethical and moral encounters. Lets consider the delivery methods of announcing of lay-offs and the introduction of new company products.

Lets face it; nobody likes bad news, not the bearer, or the recipient. Our culture has shifted away from the direct approach to unpleasantness, and bad news in whatever context they may surface. The terms of layoffs in our present marketplaces, have been watered-down with euphemistic and politically correct form of communicating, that does nobody any good.

Corporation's has effectively trained managers to camouflage the meaning of their actions with deliveries such as-: "force management plan", "force imbalances", "headcount adjustments" and once used terms by a major oil company like "We're managing our staff's resources," sometimes we manage them "up" and other times we manage them "down". But in all events "lay-off' announcements are stressful to everyone involved.

Breaking of bad news to individuals or employees is one of many difficult responsibilities that a manager has to convey to his/her organization. In preparation for this specific announcement the most tactful and emphatic ways and means should be considered. The message that must be delivered in this case has to flow to organizations across various states and multiple sites in each state. These sites are equipped with...