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Everett Barrett

Communication Studies

Internal Assessment - Speech

Theme: Impacts of Social Networking on Students' Performance

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds. - Francis Bacon. English philosopher and

Former Lord Chancellor.

A pleasant good morning, assessors and audience .On this great occasion, let me deliver a speech with a subject "The impacts

of social networks on students' performance". Ladies and gentlemen, popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some of the social networking communications mushrooming in most countries of this world. By joining these sites, we, as the users can have many benefits .These social networking sites enable us to find either the old friends or new ones, join the community of a city, a work, a school, or the other areas to build relation and interact with others; besides we can send messages and comment, we can also share or express to the others what's in our mind or feelings, like when we are sad, happy, confused, or angry.

There are also the other facilities like playing free games there. With regard to the benefits, we know that social networks have been a part of our needs because of its extremely addictive nature. Yes i speak for my self as a weasel caught in this trap. Though we have known that social networks are useful for us, there are many phenomenon happening around us students as the negative impacts of using social networks .Especially for teenage students in our the Caribbean.

Social networking seems to be a simple hobby but can make the users, especially student users addicted, so, not only drug can make someone get addicted. The addiction can happen because they find the great fun that they've found instead of doing the other important things in their lives. As...