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It has been brought to my attention that there are three issues that need dealing with in my department. As the Telecoms Manager I have produced this report. The three issues are:

1. Incoming calls have to wait a long time to be answered by the switchboard operators for connection to extensions whose numbers they already know.

2. Data communication rates are much slower than they used to be.

3. The implementation of individual student E-mail accounts as required by the government.

In this report all of the above issues will be investigated, starting with an analysis of the current situation and the problems incurred because of it. This will be done by interviewing the parties involved such as the switchboard operators, and the students using the network. The speed of data flow will be measured against usage. This will be done by software that monitors the network activity.

I will then investigate the possible solutions and put forward my recommendations.

Switchboard problems

As this college has been growing in size so has the number of complains from people contacting the college by phone. The main complaint is the length of time it takes for the switchboard operators to answer the phone. There is a general disquiet about this but I decided to investigate for myself exactly what the current quality of service is in this area.

The first thing I did was to conduct my own experiment. I called the college at different times of the day, several times a day for two weeks. This did annoy the operators a little because they are very busy people. I found that on average the phone was not answered until more than ten rings had passed. This ties in with what I have been told by many people.

The switchboard...