Communication theories in drama

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Communication is the way in which we relate to each other, this may take on the form of verbal by using our voice and tone, or it may non-verbal, by this I am referring to the broad term for forms of communication using body movements or gestures. There are certain elements included in verbal communication, these include:








There are also different elements for non verbal communication, there include:



Awareness of physical center

Physical control


Physical confidence

The body in space

Drama studies students and the community at large needs good communication skills because it makes understanding each other so much easier. If people learn how to use there body as a tool and their voice as a tool it is much easier to communicate with each other and avoid confusion. When a person is very expressive with there body and hands there is no confusion with what they are trying to say and it is much easier for them to express the emotions that they are trying to show.

It is much alike reading a book, when the words are written clearly you can understand what is going on but as soon as the words begin to jumble we find ourselves extremely confused.

The process of communication diagram:

The process of communication diagram reminds us that:

We know we have communicated when we have a response. Effective communication requires:


Non verbal skills

Verbal skills

Listening skills

Feedback to improve effectiveness

There are many things that could break down the communication barrier, for example if the other person spoke a different language. In reference to on the stage a breakdown in communication may be a lack of non-verbal communication so what the actor is truly feeling is not being portrayed...