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John Allagh

Principals of Persuasion

Exam 1

March 27, 2003

1. Persuasion, defined by Borchers as the medium a culture uses to transmit its messages-be they spoken words, printed words, radio, television, or other electronic means- forever changes the members of that culture as well as what is communicated by that medium. Persuasion is also defined as the means and ways of influencing, and changing people's minds about a particular good or service. I look at politicians as the best persuaders in the world. Politicians are able to sell themselves and their ideas to voters. Politicians acquire the support of the general public by carefully preying on the positive ideas of what the public thinks should be done in its favor. As we know the media is a strong link between persuaders and consumers. The association of this duo has dated far back in time and continues in that regard.

The public relies on the media to translate and transmit news, events, and products to them; therefore, the persuaders use the media to get across to viewers and listeners. This strategy is the one-shot model theory. It is tragic that the United States is at war today with Iraq, and many lives will be lost in this war. In the build-up to this war we heard a lot about the "Shock and Awe" which was the U.S campaign and strategy of attack once war was declared. As soon as I hear shock and awe I think of awe as something awful, which is never good. Also I think of Armageddon in the form of total destruction because awful is closely related to religion. I relate awe and religion to the old wars in the Bible. Awe creates fear to everybody. We can say this is a metaphor. Shock and Awe...