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Communicating is one of the most important things which a human uses during the whole period of his life. Each person who wants to survive has a work, but not everyone has the position of the boss in the company. There are lots of employees in a company who are controlled by the boss. It is important and really useful to know what is necessary in the communication with the boss and what should be avoided. There is not any boss who will care about the interaction with the employee (especially, with the new employee), unless the employee takes an effort to improve relationship with his boss by himself. There are some techniques which narrate what is necessary and what is unacceptable in the process of communication with the boss. The techniques are usually used on the workplace regardless of the country - it is the basic business ethics.

One of the useful methods of good communication with the boss is keeping the boss informed.

It is much better to tell the boss what is going on, what is finished already or what is really complicated and needs time to get done. Bosses do not prefer to be surprised in a negative way. Therefore, in case of any problems of a current employee, consequences could be really bad if the boss knows about the problems from other workers. (Bizmanualz. Policies, Procedures & Processes, 2011) Being honest and telling the truth are good things in communicating with the boss until it is starting to be really criticizing or an endless stream of complaints. The employee should never forget that all things which are said by him can be used against him. (, 2014) Boss should know what is happening with the tasks in the company, and what is happening in the...