Communis and capitalism and which i would rath live in

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Communism is the elimination of power of people over people. This means whether the oppression be of nations by nations, classes by classes, women by men or any other separation in society. Communism is based on mutual cooperation, peace and justice instead of oppression. Long-run goals of communism include the ending of classes and organized society without governments or borders. Communists believe that as in certain ethnic societies in the past and living still today, it is possible for people to organize themselves without war, crime, starvation and homelessness. When there are social problems, communists blame those problems on how society is organized. They want to organize society to bring out the best in people, however imperfect the class may be.

Capitalism as a way of thinking is basically personal, that the person is the center of capitalist effort. This idea draws on all the explanation theories of personality: that all people are different, that society is composed of individuals who follow their own interests, that individuals should be free to pursue their own interests (in capitalism, this is called "economic freedom") in a democratic sense, individuals pursuing their own interests will guarantee the interests of society as a whole.

I would rather live in a capitalistic society. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that neither way would work alone. Both ways would have its protestors and flaws. If governments would combine the idea of plans and freedom of thought and welcome new ideas, the population and industries would flourish greatly. People and big corporate companies would all be happy and they would have a good society that works.