Community and Pets

Essay by tinasmooth July 2007

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Pets in general play an important role in today’s society. Pets play an important role for owners, community and as a whole. When examining the role that pets have, our group read numerous journal articles and text that describe this. It is very important to define clearly what each means. Our group defines community (neighborhood) as the smallest division of an individual’s town or city. This was the most reasonable since some individuals live on the outskirts of a town or don’t fit into an exact district. In one article, “The Family Pet” Marc Shell define pets as any animal domesticated, tamed, and kept as a favorite or treated with indulgence. As a group we decided to alter Marc’s definition. We define pets as “any animal (dogs, cats, gerbils) that was domesticated or tamed at one point”.

COSTS & BENEFITSFind out what the true source of the animals and ownership patterns are we need to sponsored a first-ever survey in our area in order to find out how many unowned dogs and cats are in the community and what the reproductive habits of the owned dogs and cats are.

Shelters has no idea how many of the dogs and cats are owned. The total cost to duplicate a survey would be approximately $6,000.00. The bulk of the cost is for an independent research company to make the calls. This is how one would determine the number of owned dogs and cats. You would probably be able to determine the number of unowned dogs and cats by going to the shelters and /or counting the number of stray animals you see in the community? A problem cannot be solved until the problem is defined.

The benefits for conducting a survey and developing a strategic plan would be very beneficial to our...