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The area I will be analyzing is called West Ridge, with a total population of 73,199 people, (US Census 2000). It’s part of the Cook County in Illinois. I am going to compare facts from ethnicity, housing, income and so on, from data obtained from 1930 to 2000. My community is one of the most culturally and economically diverse neighborhoods in Chicago land. Located in the far north side of the city; West Ridge is a middle to upper class neighborhood. It used to join Rogers Park, but it gets separated in 1890 over a conflict concerning Park district known as “Cabage War”. The languages I have noticed people speak while I walk through this community are Korean, Spanish, Hindu and Arabic to cite some.

It seems people celebrate diversity in this neighborhood to value a harmonious living because residents of different incomes and ages live and work side by side to build a community where everyone can live, work and succeed.

In 1930, the population for West Ridge was 39,759 people, Chicago as a whole with 3,376,438 people; in the community female were the majority, in the city males had the lead; both, neighborhood and city had higher median age for males than females, in West Ridge for males was 30.2 and females 29.8, in the city males were 28.9 and females 28.3. The predominant race in both, my community and the city was native whites with 2,275.674 in Chicago and 32,728 in West Ridge, ( My community and the city had almost the same top 5 foreign born such us Sweden, Germany, Russia, Italy and others. These groups came to USA before WWII while other Europeans had restrictions to come to the States.

The higher percentage for married people was for females in both, Chicago and...