Are Community Colleges More Convenient than Universities?

Essay by mercury10872 November 2006

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While most consider a university more quality education than a community college, there are many who continue their education at the two year level before continuing on to a four year school. There could be many contributing factors as to why this occurs. From convenience to financial, there are many differences that separate these two learning systems. Is one type of education really better than the other?

A community college is a two year institution that is usually located in one's hometown or county, making it more convenient to travel to and from. Many students prefer the idea of being able to still live at home and drive back and forth to their classes. The reasons may vary for this preference. One of these could be that the financial cost of a university is too strenuous on their family's finances. Another could be just the fact that there are some students who are scared of the idea of living away from home after just graduating from high school.

Another appeal of the community college system is the classroom settings are smaller and more personal. Each student is known by name and usually has some type of relationship with the instructor. Community colleges are also more career-oriented, which is a convenience for those wanting to go further in their job fields. Many can work during the day and attend classes at night, for this is generally the only way many can afford to attend college. The community college system also has a college transfer program, which is suitable for those who may not have done very well during high school. This transfer program allows them to take classes that will transfer and be accredited to the school they may wish to attend. By this, the education one may receive at...