Community Colleges Vs Four-year Colleges and Universities.

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Every year thousands of junior and senior high school students take the task in making a decision on what they want to do with their lives upon completion of their basic twelve-year schooling after high school. Choosing a college means venturing into a new, unfamiliar world of immense possibilities. An exciting experience stretches before teenagers when coming to this point in life -- or is it a world of unnerving unknowns? Students have a wide variety of options when it comes to making their decision. Some of these students choose a path that will take them to higher levels of education at a prestigious four-year college or university, some take the option of staying close to home at a nearby community college, while others venture into the business world or start out their own families. Either of the routes takes a lot of thought out of students.

When taking into consideration the options, most graduating seniors go onto to higher levels of education.

Some students opt to begin their education at a two-year college or community college while the others go on to four-year universities and even graduate schools beyond that.

For one thing, the community college is usually less expensive than the four-year college or university. Since most students at a community college live at home, all they have to pay is tuition, which rarely exceeds six-hundred dollars ($600) a quarter. The money that a student saves while attending a community college, living at home can help them pay for their last two-years at a four-year university, if they wish to do so. The student at a four-year college on the other hand often lives on campus and had to pay for tuition as well as room and board. The cost can be as much as two thousand, ($2,000)...