Community Development

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Community Development

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Community Development


Communication as a manager in the workplace is vital. It is a foundation of success. It is more important as a manager to possess effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills than an employee because the manager is the leader. A leader should be an example to his/her followers. As manager, expectations should be clearly stated and demonstrated. The result of true leadership within an organization is clarity (Berko, 2010). Although achieving effective communication skills in the workplace can be challenging in a world where feelings are so easily hurt, people are so easily offended, and words are always being twisted, a manager must overcome these obstacles in order for his business to succeed.


Even if it is an issue that requires immediate talks, a manager must still pause to think of a plan of approach, what to say immediately and what can wait until the appointed time is set for a one-on -a conversation.

To maintain an effective conversation with an employee, a manager should use these key techniques: plan to focus the discussion on the necessary information, the use of open questions for further discussion, use closed questions to ask details, encourage dialogue through eye contact and expression, the understanding of what you are hearing, and summarize the key points (Heyman, 1994).

Nonverbal communication is a much wider area of the process that may be more difficult to get a hold of in order to reach a level to be effective and not be misunderstood. This area of ​​communication has a greater impact on the person that verbal communication. Several media experts agree that actions speak louder than words.

Communication Barriers

The physical characteristic of communication barriers may have an impact on individual behavior surrounding...