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I'll write about how to increase my muscle and weight. I have average weight and always want to build muscle and gain some weight. But since I have fast metabolism, it is very difficult for me to gain weight by building muscle. This is the reason why I chose this topic as my research paper. To build desirable body, I need to know what kind of nutrition that I need to take, what exercise I need to do. Also, I need to know how this process to building muscle affect my body condition.


To build muscle, I need to take more protein and avoid fat. To do so, I have to change my eating behavior as following.

1. Eat more meat : I don't like meat but in order to increase my weight, I need to eat them. I have only breakfast at home, so I plan to eat meat whenever I eat at restaurant.

2. Drink soy milk : source of complete protein (documentation)

I used to drink soy milk when I was in Korea and liked it. But I stopped to drink it since I came here.

3. Take protein fortifier before working out : I am not sure I need them. However, because I have fast metabolism, I think I need it to get fast result.


I focus to build my upper body muscle because I have well developed lower body than my upper body. Because I go to school and work at the same time, I don't have enough time to go to gym every day. And because muscle needs 2 days to recover from working out, I shouldn't go to gym everyday (documentation). So, instead of going to gym everyday, I decided to go to gym every Saturday. The rest of...