Community Health: Lifeline, The Pulse Of The Elderly.

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Although a small town in size (compared to many of its larger neighboring cities), Defiance and all its residents share the same thing as its larger counterparts: the need for health care service. Providing health care for a diverse population of people can be difficult, especially when you consider extremes of economic and cultural factors and social and influences. The people of Defiance, as in other cities of various sizes, can benefit from a combined approach to health care called Community Health. What is Community Health? A community is a system in which members interact formally and informally for the benefit of all people in the community. Community Health Nursing focuses on promoting and preserving the health of population groups. (Kozier et al.199). This form of care is provided in many ways: from check ups, community involvement on health issues and implementation, health promotion, immunizations, prevention of disease and many more.

Although community health focuses on all aspects of a population, we are going to look at a specific area of outreach towards the elderly.

The elderly population of a town or city can be difficult to define, contact, and manage sometimes, but should be treated with the same attention as given to children, adolescents, and adults. Why is this? They all require health care, and they all rely on numerous professional services to achieve better health and wellness. Many elderly have numerous problems with chronic debilitating diseases that affect their mobility and ability to function or subsist on their own. Arthritis, walking disturbances, and poor vision contribute to falls. Chronic cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary diseases, and neurological conditions contribute to overall poor health and a reduced level of functioning. They're less able to perform activities of daily life. Therefore, they have an increased need for medical and health care...