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A community helps to shape an individual's personality and one must take a proactive role in advancing the community's causes. Being an active member of my community, I decided to join various organizations which included the library group and S.T.A.R.T (Students at Thomson Assisting in Research and Technology. As a S.T.A.R.T. member my main responsibility was to help students use our mainframe computer software to find books and relevant information. My other duties included restocking books and keeping the library in a proper order. To reward my hard work, I was promoted to an Executive S.T.A.R.T. member this year. This means that aside from assisting students a helping hand, I have to interview and train new S.T.A. R.T. members and manage the timetables of their shifts. Although being a START member is my passion, I felt that I was not doing enough in my community so I decided to tutor students from grades two to ten in my mosque (either write more about this or take it out...cuz

1 line is not enough).

Entering grade 11 opened gateways for more community service. I was nominated as an honorary member in the Student Administrative Council (S.A.C) which included its own unique challenges. I was responsible for running school events such as the Commencement, Remembrance Day assembly, Halloween and Valentine's Day dance as well the recognition assembly. This is my second year in the S.A.C. and I now hold the position of a secretary due to my hardworking and responsible behaviour. The position of a secretary has brought more responsibilities with it. My duties include being the official timekeeper of every meeting, organizing staff and students request forms, and processing permission slips for fellow S.A.C. members.

Aside form the S.A.C. I got nominated for the Peer Leadership and Support Program during the...