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Stop the McMadness

Can we just stop the McMadness already? We are all surrounded by a fast-living world. Instant gratification is the lifestyle of the day. Fast food is a part of that gratification in all our lives, but it seems to be taking over the world. Most people don't realize it, but McDonald's is not a burger-flipping chain of restaurants; it is one of the world's best real estate portfolios. Franchisees flip the burgers, but McDonald's owns the best commercial property all over the world and collects 8% annual royalty fees from its tenants. (Dadlani) Since November 2002, McDonald's dividend has risen 425%. (Dyson) That being said, Santa Ana-based Rich Development Company plans to demolish the historical and iconic Carriage restaurant in La Mirada and build; you guessed it; a McDonalds restaurant. Rich Development owns the land and is obviously in the real estate business, and I can see how they want to invest in a McDonalds.

But not in our town they won't.

In the article "First McDonald's franchise" it states that the very first McDonald's restaurant opened in San Bernardino, Ca., in 1940. But its franchising debut in a Chicago suburb in 1955 was the start of something out of this world: The chain boasted 100 locations nationwide just four years later. Ray Kroc was behind the truly massive expansion and unveiled the restaurant mascot, Ronald McDonald, whom many children fell in love with. The next step was to build playgrounds at McDonald's restaurants. Finally, toys were included with every child's meal. Attract the kids, Kroc believed, and their parents will be forced to follow. ("First") But must we all be forced to follow? Forced to engage in this fast-food lifestyle...