Community Oriented Policing

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Community Oriented Policing RecommendationThe members of ET Inc. have been hired as consultants to recommend a community oriented policing (COP) program. The goal of ET Inc. is to create a well-working (COP) program which will be adopted by the members of city council. During the creation of the (COP) program the members will evaluate three separate reports of community policing efforts. The reports will be used as an evaluation tool to aid the creation of the (COP) program. Further, we will discuss the factors necessary to create a successful (COP) program.

The COPS office has partnered with communities to advance community policing. The funding and grants that COPS has supplied has made a difference by increasing the number of officers actively engaged in community policing activities. The (COPS) works hard to deliver training and technical assistance. Agencies report on their progress and Cops uses this information so that other agencies can benefit and learn from others experiences.

However, each portion of the (COP) program offers beneficial assistance to the programs over-all success. Further, theft can be a problem for a community's well-being therefore; importance should be shown to each aspect of theft including identity theft. Identity theft occurs when a criminal uses or takes someone else's personal information as their own, to steal that person's identity. Theft of a person's identity can occur in many different ways this problem is much more than just a misuse of a person's social security number, it can also take place by credit card and mail fraud (Identity Theft 2006).

Identity theft is a very serious problem. The FTC estimates that at least nine million Americans have their identity stolen each year. While some forms of identity theft victims can resolve their issue fairly and often quicker than others, there remains some people...