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Dismal City Case Study ReportAmerica's federal, state and local agencies all have annual budgets which must be reasonably affordable for taxpayers; balanced by the agencies. The need to protect and serve communities does not abate just because an agency has financial problems. Local police agencies must instead find creative ways to "Do more with Less" during tough financial periods. Peak's (2001) Dismal City Police Dept.'s Command to "Do more with Less" case study report illustrates an increasingly common problem where a local police agency is in disarray because of budget cuts and reduced staffing levels. This report will answer 7 specific questions related to Dismal City's request for a community policing implementation plan from the new chief of police.

As the new Police Chief of Dismal City, it is my duty to address and correct our budget problem in a manner that will still keep this city safe from crime employing fewer officers.

It is my idea that community policing is the right way to go. With me as your new Chief in I will be listening to the needs of the community and boost morale throughout the police department. I will teach citizens the benefits of community policing using better communications with each other, and how to make their neighborhood safer with less of a city police force. These problems will not disappear over night and will take a real effort on everyone's part to get this community back in order and to move forward. Since many Hispanic and Asian people are moving into the community, most should be able to speak and understand some English, even if they speak broken English. Officers can designate a Hispanic and an Asian who speak better English to teach other officers their language as part of their duty in initiating the program.