Community Psychology essay discussing the idea of change and whether or not it is good for people as a whole.

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Community Psychology


Think about how hard it is for us to change a habit, one that we have had for a really long time, so long that we cannot distinguish or remember a time when we didn't have the habit. If it is so hard to change a habit on an individual level, how are we supposed to change a habit on a Microsystems level all the way up to a Macro system level?

What worked in the past may not work for the changing societal mind of the present. Martin Luther King was quoted in A Testament of Hope saying, "today's problems are so acute because the tragic evasions and defaults of several centuries have accumulated to disaster proportions". What I think he meant by this is, we learn from our teachers, and we cannot be upset with the mindset of a society because it is all that is known, but rather to change the mindset and educate, so the new changing society cannot suffer from past mistakes.

In Fairweather's Social Change: The Challenge to Survival, he said, "attempts to change societies occur when a society fails to create practical and workable solutions to pressing human problems". I agree with him in a couple of his points. Most unresolved problems demean the quality of life, and unless man can perceive that he is headed toward disaster, and can change his way of life, future on this planet is in doubt, especially for advancement of individuals all the way to the global scale.

In a time of global disparity, I feel compelled to include it in this paper. In a Testament of Hope, King pointed out "if we look honestly at the realities of our national life, it is...