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Community Publications

I chose two publications; the first one is "Bicycle Helmets for children", and the second one is, "The mom & Caregivers". The target audience for "Bicycle Helmets for children", is children, parents (everyone who rides a bike). This publication is trying to encourage people in the community to encourage their children by telling them the benefits and the dangers of wearing the helmet and not wearing it. For example, explain to their children that a helmet protects his/her head from getting injured. People must make sure that the helmet fits well in their child's head, and make sure that the child is wearing it in a right way. Wearing a helmet is a law in Ontario that children and adolescents, under the age of 18, must wear a helmet while riding a bike. The layout and structure of this publication is very easy to read and understand for people.

It is designed as a pamphlet and there is small pictures and bold texts that explain how to wear a helmet.

The target audience for the second publication, "Mom and Caregivers", is mostly mothers, children baby sitters and caregivers. The purpose of this publication is to encourage mothers and caregivers to learn some safe ways to help children. For example; this publication tells mothers and caregivers how to choose a play yard that is suitable for children. It also help children with their homework, books picks, safety zone, food for thoughts, and more. This publication also gives websites, addresses, phones, emails, etc... for mothers and caregivers, if they need any help with anything or if they need any information. This publication has many purposes, some of them are:

- Entertaining- entertains some fun places, children stores for family to make their children happy.

- Informing-...