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Community Service is always an important undertaking, but sometimes it is necessary to promote the service organization to procure enough resources or volunteers. The organization that I work with, CHAMPs, has that same problem, so I designed a simple flyer to recruit students, and a letter asking for donations for an older audience. Though the format of these two documents are quite different, they are in fact very similar, and make use of similar strategies.

The flyer is the simpler of the two documents- it had to be simple, or it would not fulfill its purpose. The flyer was designed to be easily viewed by the typical rushed college student, and absorbed at a glance. That is why there are not that many lines of text on the flyer, and the writing is large and easy to read. Also, the standard font, "Times New Roman", that is normally used in paper was purposely not used, so as to not associate this fun looking flyer with the normally dreaded school assignments.

I also added a large, colorful picture, with cute books, and numbers, to liven up the flyer, and to further the contrast with the normally typed up, boring documents that my audience usually sees.

I really only made use of a few rhetorical strategies when writing this flyer, because I didn't want to make the flyer to long, and therefore hard to absorb quickly. However, I was sure to make use of some rhetorical strategies, to ensure that the flyer was as persuasive as was possible. The two main rhetorical strategies that I made use of in the flyer were Logos and Pathos. In the very first line of the flier, "Interested in helping and mentoring inner-city kids???" I tried to appeal to the emotions of the...