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09/10/04 This was my first day back to the club since the children started school! The kids seemed to be excited to be there and the returning children were excited to see me again. During the group meeting I was introduced to the children and got a warm welcome. I already know some of the kid's names, so I did not have to memorize the whole group. Mr. Stinson, the head of the Boys and Girls Club told me that one of the goals for this year is to instill in the children traditional manors (i.e. "Yes sir/ Ma'am", "May I..." etc.). We discussed with the children what the norms are going to be this year. Also, during the group meeting we did something fun; we had one child volunteer to leave the room, and then other selected children describe that person in one word. Each child's description was recorded along with the describer's name.

The removed child was then brought back and he/she then had to guess which child used which word to describe him/her. I was astonished at how accurate the kids were in guessing which child used which word.

Snack time was a little disorganized today since some of the newer staff members have never experienced a large group of hungry children charging towards them for snacks.

During power hour (that is the hour for the children to do their homework- in the rest of the paper I will call it homework time), the kids sat in their seats and we discussed the importance of sitting like ladies and gentlemen. Some kids are not into study mode yet, and tend to let their minds drift off into space. We had to draw a few kids' attentions back to their work several times. Homework time today had...