Community Service In Education

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I feel that community service is a big part in everyone's life but I also feel that it is even more important to high school and college students. Students need to be aware of what is going on in their community and learn ways in which to get involved and help their follow citizens. Becoming involved in your community not only helps other people but it also helps you feel better and more confident about yourself.

Community service is an aspect that should not be overlooked. Everyone regardless of age or race should become involved in their community not only to help other people or assist people in need, but also to meet the other people in your area. I can say that in doing service for other schools and the national honor society I have met many different people and expanded my way of thinking.

When students are involved in community service I feel that everyone benefits.

Students not only learn more about themselves by helping others but they also learn more about other people and other cultures. If I would have never volunteered with Habitat for Humanity I don't feel that I would have related to people of different class and cultures, but working with them helped me learn that all people are the same regardless of their class or color of their skin.

Working in elementary schools is another place that college students like to help out at. Helping out elementary school teachers and tutoring young students really puts your life into perspective. I feel that when I was working with these young children I put myself into their mindset and realized that I wish someone would have volunteered and tutored me when I was their age. Maybe if someone from a high school or college had...