Community Violence

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What can I do to reduce violence in my community?

Thesis: I can help reduce violence in my community by organizing a neighborhood watch, becoming a school volunteer, and creating a safe after-school shelter for latch key kids

My community has seen a rise in violence commited by children. Many of these children are below the age of 13. The first thing I ask when this occurs are, "Where are the parents?" Nowadays, many of these parents are at work trying to make ends meet. The children of these parents are referred to as "latch-key" kids. The other half of this equation are the children who do not have good role models at home. They are left alone to roam the streets in search of acceptance, food, and shelter. This usually leads them to drugs and bad mentors.

Neighborhood watches are a great solution to reducing violence in any community.

I plan to organize a neighborhood watch in my community. If everyone on the block band together to watch out for each other's property and kids, the neighborhood would be a safer place to live. The police would be alerted quickly if something went wrong on our street. If the local drug dealers, thieves, and sexual predators learn of this community effort, they would be less prone to come in to wreak havoc on the neighborhood.

I think that becoming a school volunteer would help curb violence. A lot of the voilence kids create or experience is when school is let out for the day. I would like to organize a group of volunteers who would ride the buses to serve as bus security monitors. This would allow the school bus driver to focus on the road. This would make the bus ride a safer one for students. This volunteer...