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Molly McWilliams

Professor Franklin


7 October 2014

The Effects of Divorce on Teenagers

Divorce is a very common issue in families today, and is very unfortunate for families including teenagers. During divorce, teens go through many obstacles such as behavior, emotion, and guilt. It is very important for parents who decide to divorce to keep an open mind. Adults should remember that their children are a part of the change as well.

As the divorce process takes effect, teens are forced to mature quickly, such as taking on adult responsibilities earlier than their peers. They feel the need to take the spot of the absent parent, in order to accomplish the needs and duties inside the home. Depending on the situation, both parents might not be physically able to give an equal amount of support, which results in leaving the child to navigate life alone.

This causes teens inside divorced families to be exposed to the adult world sooner.

Rocknspud explains in his article, Effects of Divorce on Children, "Emotions are a big part of life especially when dealing with something so difficult such as divorce." It is very common for teens to feel as if the issue is their fault. They tend to blame themselves for the adults' behavior, simply because it is emotionally easier to deal with. Trying to live between separate parents causes teens to feel "stuck in the middle," especially when conflicts occur during the two families. This causes a tremendous amount of pressure, as the teen tries to be helpful to one of both parents. They feel the need to clean up the mess that is being made between the two.

Divorce causes many teen behavior changes as they go through the process...