What Companies Do to Impact Consumers

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What Companies Do to Impact Consumers

Understanding the branding strategies of any company or business goes beyond the listing of a set of steps which can effectively summarize and target their buyers. The entire strategy of branding a product revolves around a company's response to the changing dynamics of consumer psychology. Every day consumers are impacted by a certain product and are, to some may say, told to buy that product. Companies use such methods to attract their customer by using sex appeal, youthfulness, people and wish-fulfillment or fantasy. In an effort to unscramble the complexities involved in the branding steps undertaken by the two Turkish commercials for Pepsi, both have a striking way to attract its consumers with its way on using such methods like sex appeal, people and fantasy.

Since its launch, Pepsi has always targeted the consumers with the use of popular figures. American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress Beyonce is used to endorse Pepsi and Pepsi Max and other celebrities like, Jeff Gordon, Janet Jackson and to take years back, David Bowie.

In one of the Turkish Pepsi commercial, they have a World Music award winning pop singer Tarken. Not only is Tarken's popularity used to promote and attract their customers, in the video commercial he is shown wearing a button up shirt that is half way unbutton exposing a little bit of his chest. Sex appeal in the commercial is used to attract a young woman who knows of the pop Turkish singer. Further into the commercial, young women are shown dancing, shaking the bottoms in the camera. In the Pepsi Max video, model and actress, Aysun Kayaci was used to promote the product. Her sex appeal, dressed in a form-fitting white sequin dress that is normally seen on younger women in a nightclub, mainly...