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Stress Management

Connor Hicks

Human Relations

Russ Gagnon

April 29, 2014

Stress is one of those things that prevent people from completing the task at hand, it can come in many different forms and can be brought on by several different forces. Many people will deal with stress when being a part of a workplace, family, school, and relationships are a big one. Stress has a huge impact on the human body, with head or stomach aches, can't sleep, loss of having an appetite, which can lead to serious problems. It's becoming a problem that people aren't realizing their own stress that has built up from what's occurring in life, very important to manage good sleeping habits when controlling stressful problems. To a point, some level of stress can be really good in having in your everyday life. It keeps you very alert, forces you to be a quick thinker with several of situations, and having a wide range of different perspective of things.

Lack of sleep, exercise, good nutrition are good aspects of stress management, and can prevent consequences of stress, factors contributing to stress in the workplace, so by fully understanding stress and what it is capable of doing, you can be aware of stress when it happens.

Everyone has experienced stress in their lives at some point of time. We all have different ways, and demands when recognizing stress and dealing with it. How we respond to those demands is how controlling stress levels in a good stage, before going over bored with serious stress relations. People's lives are full of stress. Its can come and it can go and sometimes stress stays around, hiding. Stress in people's lives can be small, and it can be huge. It can come from within the...