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HOOP SA - The originThe HOOP company started running its production in 1992 in Bielsk Podlaski from producing beverages. At that time the company`s bottling lines had a capacity of 2500 bottles per hour. In 1993 the company changed its name to HOOP International sp. zoo In the second year of activity the firm has fulfilled severe standards that are in force all over the world and as well all technological requirements, which made the cooperation with Coca - Cola International possible. In 1997 HOOP International sp. zoo was transformed into HOOP SA.

Machines, equipment used for packaging beverages and new technological lines resulted in growth of production and company`s ability to compete. Currently, the company owns four manufacturing plants located in Tychy, Bielsk Podlaski, Iwiny and Grodzisk Wielkopolski. Starting from 2003 HOOP is a joint - stock company which focuses on production of aerated beverages, noncarbonated beverages and mineral water.

At present, the value of the company is estimated for approximently 250 - 320 million PLN.

The HOOP shares were floated on the Warsaw Stock Exchange on August 6th 2003, at a price PLN 21,60, which was 2,86% higher than the price in the public offering. Altogether, 9 458 040 series D shares of HOOP were introduced into public trading in WSE.

Additionally 3 000 000 rights to series E were introduced into public trading, with a debut price of 21,90 PLN .

GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE MARKETHOOP SA is a part of the oligopoly market. The situation is as follows: there are small and medium companies, there are also few leaders, who together share the dominant part of the market. Besides that fact, tough price competitiveness is avoided. The differences in prices of products offered by Coca - Cola Company and PepsiCo are slight. One can say, that...