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An overturned conviction from the Federal Appeals Court for being an abusive monopoly, Microsoft is the most successful computer technology corporation in existence.

Co-founded on April 4, 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft has surpassed the competition in a now unbeatable race. Dominating the technology industry, Microsoft does not appear to be easing the grip.

Whether it be the newest operating system or suite, one cannot purchase a personal computer (PC) these days without having some association with Microsoft. This paper will evaluate the motivational techniques used by a successful organization, and the relationship each employee has in the overall success.

Industry BackgroundMicrosoft's HistoryThe birth of Microsoft began over 30 years ago, and began to erupt in the 80s, has been successful over the last decade. When Bill Gates "dropped out of Harvard University, and" teamed up "with Paul Allen," no one ever would have imagined that Microsoft would become what it has today (,

2008 ¶ 1). Cornering almost every aspect of the technology market, Microsoft has worked from the ground up and recently reported their annual revenues of over $60-billionProducts and Services OfferedAlthough MS-DOS was a huge breakthrough in the computer industry for operating systems, it did not take Microsoft long to begin the trail of yearly innovative operating systems. Some of the operating systems unleashed by Microsoft are Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Other products offered were Microsoft Office Suites such as Office 2003 and now Office 2007 capable of running the largest of businesses.

Financial Status For The Previous Five YearsAfter releasing shares to the stock market on March 14, 1986, Microsoft is responsible for the financial status of over 12,000 millionaires and four billionaires. Both Gates and Allen became millionaires instantaneously when the stocks hit the open market. The first year in the...