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A plan needs to be established to bring this facility into the next year to ensure the security of the business, without these plans this facility may fail or become obsolete. Things need to change which will take time and effort from everyone involved.

The best way to build an effective and secure intranet is time and patience. The length of time it takes to build depends on what the intranet is going to be used for. For example if the intranet is going to be used to keep private medical information then a great deal of security measures need to be performed. Technology is advancing at an alarming rate and needs to be kept up within order for the business to survive.

The intranet is a way to send and receive files among other things throughout the business which in turn makes everything run smoothly. The intranet will free up space along with time of finding files or sending messages which can be very cost-effective.

The most important thing to do is make sure there is a safe and secure connection where there is no fear of data being stolen. Firewalls will be installed along with spy-ware and other devices to keep unauthorized persons out.

The dial up connection will have to be upgraded to provide a faster connection which in turn will make everyone happier and a great deal less stressed. DSL or Cable modem would be more efficient and cost-effective to use to get things accomplished in a timely manner. The less time it takes to send and receive files the sooner the patients and doctors can move on to other things. Another item is to invest in more computers, there are not enough for the number of people on staff to complete there work in a...