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Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Company Description and Analysis 3

Company Strengths 3

Company Weaknesses< 4

Segmentation and Targeting Practices 5

Product Positioning 6

Product Practices 7

Pricing Practices 7

Distribution Practices 8

Promotional Practices 8

Appendix A: Cogeco Cable Inc. Outlet Locations by Province

Appendix B: Cogeco Cable Inc. Yearly Revenue Calculations 10

Endnotes 10

Bibliography 13


The following report intends to provide a detailed analysis of one of the larger cable companies in Canada, Cogeco Cable Inc. Through a study of Cogeco Cable's various strengths and weaknesses, as well as its modus operandi for marketing key product offerings, an accurate image of this Canadian cable heavyweight may be obtained. For the sake of convenience, in the body of this report the industry known technically as 'Cable and Other Program Distribution', will be referred to as the 'cable industry', and Cogeco Cable Inc. will be referred to simply as 'Cogeco'.

Company Description and Analysis

Cogeco's formal name, as mentioned above, is Cogeco Cable Inc., and its head office is located in Montreal, Quebec. The company operates solely in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, and has roughly the same number of outlets in each province. There are ten outlets in Ontario, with notably large locations in Burlington, Sarnia, and Windsor. Quebec sports nine Cogeco outlets, with similarly high-volume regions in Montreal (the location of Cogeco's head office), Montmagny, and Trois-Rivieres. Please see Appendix A for a complete provincial listing of Cogeco outlets.

Cogeco's business operations centre around three different product lines which include Cable TV, Digital TV, and High-Speed Internet. Cable TV, still their most popular service, earned Cogeco approximately $325 million in 2002, representing 72.6 percent of their sales for that year. Digital TV, a newer service still gaining popularity, accounted for 12.1 percent of revenues with...