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Unit 1 IP 2

Lobbyists for organized labor have repeatedly tried to persuade the government

into passing a law regulating plant closings. Their reasons are directly linked to cases

such as the Shutdown in Eastland, Michigan at Speedy Motors Co. After laying off nearly

2000 workers, the community has concerns if the close could have been handled

differently. (Beauchamp and Bowie, 2004. Page 89)

In this paper, the author will attempt to devise a proposal as to how the closing

could have been handled differently. The author will discuss the terms of the close, the

affected stakeholders and how their interests will be considered, who is responsible for

relaying the information about the close, and how the news of the closing will be

handled. It is not the intent of the author to neither sway nor influence opinions, merely to

show an alternative solution with sufficient data to support the idea.

Propose a plan to close the plant:

1. What would be the terms of the close, what notice would you give, and what benefits would you provide?

2. Describe all of the affected stakeholders and how their interests will be considered?

3. Who do you propose should take primary responsibility for those laid off as a result of the closing?

4. How will this news be communicated to the workers, press, and community?

Having abandoned all hopes of turning around the fortunes of Speedy Motors

Company, the board found no alternative other than closing the business down. The

constant threat of competition in the automotive industry led to this decision, plus the

inevitability of declining sales. Management at Speedy Motors met briefly to decide the

notice that would be given to the employees and the benefits that should be provided to

them. The notice given was a 3 month...