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SUMMARY PART 1 I. Definition of the computer industry p.4 II. Sector analysis1) Specifications2) Quantification3) Strenghts and weaknesses of the sector p.4p.5p.7 III. Strategic issues p.9 IV. A new challenge p.10 PART 2 V. Firm Identity p.13 1) Identity p.13 2) The general policy of the company p.14 3) Firm culture analysis p.15 4) Approach of the trade p.16 5) Segmentation p.16 I. Inner Analysis p.18 1) SWOT p.18 2) Resources diagnostic p.21 a- Functional profil b- Financial abilities c- Table of skills d- Concurrential position of the activities 3) Activity portefolio analysis p.28 a- Matrix b- b- DAS positioning c- ANNEXES p.29 ANNEXE 1 p.29 Compaq s'offre Digital pour plus de 57 milliards de francs ANNEXE 2 p.30 Compaq se positionne en généraliste ANNEXE 3 p.31 Le leader mondial des PC a complètement raté le tournant de la vente par Internet ANNEXE 4 p.32 Compaq au milieu du gué ANNEXE 5 p.33

Compaq rationnalise sa chaîne de distribution BIBLIOGRAPHY p.34 PART 1 I. ANALYSIS OF THE COMPUTER INDUSTRY 1) Definition of the computer industry It includes: - The fabrication of office machines (typewriters, photocopying machines, printers, cash dispensers (ATM), cash registers, and mail processors).

- The production of computers and other processing equipment (including global systems, microcomputers, peripheral units: printers, optical readers, transcoders"¦) 2) Sector analysis a-Specifications In the computer industry more than in any other, no position is definitive. Market shares fluctuate extremely rapidly and part of the leaders are completely marginalised. The current situation is indeed quite different from that of the seventies where a unique protagonist, IBM, dominated the market, facing competitors that could only stay in its wake. Nowadays, things have changed: any competitor has its chance to lead on a precise spot of the market. For instance, in a couple of years, Sun...