Comparasion of No Great Mischief focus on lack of education in Novel and the effect of lack of education leading to poverty

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At the time when this novel was written, almost 5 million people lived within the poverty line. Almost all of these people had little or no formal education that would allow them to escape the cycle of poverty. No Great Mischief embraces many of the issues facing society today, one of which includes the issue that lack of an education causes a life long struggle with poverty and the many side effects of poverty. Without proper education an individual in society is limited in his ability to support himself and so create a financially ideal standard of living. Poverty has a powerful effect on an individual's life leading to an inability to support their basic needs often causing self-destructive behaviours. When an individual armed with education he /she has a greater chance of escaping a life of poverty. An individual is given a greater chance of meeting his basic needs whereas a person who is lacking an education has a lesser chance of meeting their basic needs creating a life of poverty which is accompanied by a series of destructive behaviour to both the human being and body.

The relationship between education and poverty is very clear with an educated person having a higher income earning potential than that of a person having little or no education where income is severely restricted thus a life of poverty results. In Cape Breton Nova Scotia out of a "population of ninety thousand nine hundred and eighty five 45.5% do not have a high school diploma in contrast to the national average where 34.7% of people do not have a high school diploma" translating into lower incomes as well as reduced potential for innovation. With such a large labour force without an education the number of jobs that an individual can do...