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Write an essay on whether Rainer Rilke's statement "The only journey is the one within"

Because journeys are complex, Rainer Maria's Rilke's statement, while true in part is by no means an absolute truth. Of course, inner journeys are the ultimate endpoint and therefore of deep significance, however, with any end there must be a beginning and as the physical journey often act as catalysts for the inner journey, they too, surely are important as well. Composers such as Che Guevara Affirm the importance of the physical journey through the linking of their character's transformation with their movements around different physical localities.

And why do they do this? Well simply because Physical journeys provide the impetus for inner journey's as they expose individuals to new realities and obstacles. This provides the hurdle that the persona must jump to kickstart their inner journey, exhibited in the road when the boy is forced to shoot the overalled cannibal that they come across, and without the physical travel and pressure, They would not of come across him, and had to kill him, forcing the boy to re-evaluate his beliefs, as earlier he states that "I'm not going to shoot anyone".

This asserts that to cope with the changes in the physical world, such as global chaos, causes changes in the mind to cope with difference.

It is through the journeying along the road that McCarthy's protagonist encounters events and other individuals that expose him to realities of human depravity and struggle, and the importance of positive memories. For example when the boy finds a stray dog , and pleads "Can we keep it, papa? Please?" while encompassed by the collapsed world that they now inhabit, exhibiting that the boy still has positive influences from his childhood. This symbolises that even after drastic...