Comparative essay between "Miguel Street" and "Lives of Girls and Women."

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The narrators in both "Lives and Girls and Women", by Alice Munro, and "Miguel Street", by V.S. Naipaul are similar, but they have differences aswell. Both novels are from the point of view of child who is growing up. Del and the narrator of Miguel Street take part in buildungromans, throughout the novel we can see that the characters mature from being a child to an adult. Both of their journeys are characterized by the influence of their environment, friends and family. These influence had a positive a negative impact on the narrators. Also they both have self realization that they had made mistakes, at the end of the books. This has an effect on the decision on what they do in their futures.

Both narrators are influenced by their environment and setting. Del grows up in a small town called Jubilee in Ontario, Canada. More specifically she also lives on Flats Road.

By contrast, the narrator of Miguel Street lives on Miguel Street which is situated in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Both of these regions are poor and the literacy rate is low. However being in an uneducated does not affect the narrator of Miguel Street, since he was paid to make signs for Boggart and Popo. Similarly, this also applies to Del. She is one of the top students at her high school because she is very smart. Miguel Street has a positive influence on the narrator. Since the street is full of thieves, liars and people who deceive, this allows the narrator to realize that he does not want to become like these people. On the other hand, Del does not learn this from the whole town but only from Garnett French. After she breaks up with him she decides to "get started with her real...