Comparative essay between "The Storyteller" and "Oryx and Crake"

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The Search of Mystery

In the novel "The Storyteller" by Mario Vargas Llosa, he writes about a man who changes his identity to become accepted in a tribe in the Amazon forests. The setting used in Margaret Atwood's "Oryx and Crake" is much different for it is set in a futuristic community with advanced technology. Although these two novels seem to be very different because of the setting and character personalities, the social message is similar. The social message that our technological advancement is overtaking and draining the resources due to our lack of ability to control what we create is apparent throughout the two novels yet the technique used captures interest in the reader. The technique of mystery urges the reader to continue the novel in hope of completing the puzzles created by the novels.

Both authors have created an environment different from our own yet both these obscene settings are real enough that the reader can relate to.

Margaret Atwood has chosen to depict a futuristic world with advanced technology and a unique class system. For the people who work on scientific research and other gifted people, the live in Compounds away from the pleeblands, where ordinary people live. The two groups are separated by a high security system. Although humans do not have that sort of security, there are clear distinctions between rich parts and the poor parts of a city. Mario Vargas Llosa has decided to use a Peruvian jungle where a large number of the readers would not have vast amount of knowledge of the area let alone know what it feels like to live there but we know it exists. The lack of knowledge in the Amazon forest widens our imagination about the description placed in the novel. These settings used by...