Comparative essay - John and The Director, Brave New world

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Sometimes society may make people feel pressured to act a certain way and most follow it. They are the "normal" ones, while the ones who decide to go against society's norms are the "weird" people. In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, we see a world in which everything is controlled by the World State: a government type group that decides who goes where and how they feel about it. It seems as though everyone has fallen into this, especially the Director; A man who prides himself on being really incorporated in this world. Soon we learn, there are many few who have not fallen into this world as much. One of them is the "savage" John. John is a representation of our world in a way, with similar values and actions. While these two men are opposites, they do still share some similarities. They are extremists for different groups and have completely different values.

They also fight in different ways,

They are both extremists which is pretty much the only similarity they share. John was raised on a reservation, and he didn't really know much about the World state, apart from the myths he heard. When Bernard and Lenina visit the reservation, he is seen as an outsider or a savage as he was born and he was nothing like the World state people. He then decides to go to the "brave new world" and is very confused by what he sees. "Oh brave new world, oh brave new world that has such people in it" is him quoting Shakespeare's The Tempest and is saying that he does not quite understand and cannot believe how these people are living. The director is representing the world state as a whole throughout the book. "'Community, Identity, Stability.' Grand Words.". He has...