Comparative essay on two texts: 'Travelling Shoes' by Lenore Horowitz and 'Mr. Curly Transports Wayfaring Pilgrims Away' by Michael Leunig

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Similar to the concept of travelling is the multifaceted and subjective ideal of the journey. Although the following texts illustrate varying concepts and different themes, they demonstrate central ideas of physical journeys. Therefore through a comprehensive analysis we can establish that travel exposes a change that is permanently fixed within the ideals of living.

One text that represents physical journeys is 'Travelling Shoes' by Lenore Horowitz. The text is in the form of a poem and describes the positive effects and individual growth brought about by physical journeys. The poem is broken into two stanzas; the first describes the journey while the second stanza highlights the reflective phase of the journey.

In the first stanza, the composer writes of the obstacles that were faced. The title is a metaphor, which is used to explore her achievements and development. Horowitz uses imagery to describe the physical environment, for example, 'climbed mountains', 'slogged through rainforests'.

The effect of this is to demonstrate the endurance needed to confront the journey, giving a realism aspect to the poem in the process; and to highlight the obstacles that were faced during the journey. In the process, the composer embodies the notion that 'travel is more than seeing sights'.

The composer writes that her obstacles were overcome 'mostly in the dark'. This is a metaphor, as it intends to mean that she had no prior experience. The effect of this is to highlight that experience is an integral part of the journey and with it comes individual growth. The composer also highlights how the shoes protected her from 'missteps and downfalls', demonstrating how the shoes gave the composer comfort. The metaphor of the shoes illustrates her emotional and mental growth as the journey progressed; and at the same time tells us that journeys provide opportunities...