Comparative study between sonnet 18 and 130

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Subject----make a comparative study between sonnet 18 and 130.

Sonnet 18 and 130

The term sonnet has come from the Italian originated in Italy. To make a comparative study we can find figures of speech, imagery, theme etc.

In sonnet 18 here the poet praise his friend's beauty and in 130 he neglected his beloved beauty.

In 18 the poet would like to compare the beauty of his friend to the beauty of a day in summer. But he thought that the beauty of summer is variable and short lived. Raugh winds cause much damage to the sweet buds of may while the sun's light in summer is sometimes is too bright and dim. The poets friend is however more lovely than a summers day. All beautiful things will lose but the beauty of poet's friend will never decline. Because it has been immortalized in the sonnets written by the poet. As long as men live in this world, they will read the poetry of Shakespeare and his friend's beauty will remain in their mind.

In 130 the poet would like to compare the beauty of his beloved with many things. But he didn't praise it. Speacially he neglect his beauty. He said his beloved eyes are not as bright as the sun. Her lips are not so red like coral. Her hair is wire and there is no sweet color in her cheeks though he saw red, white roses. In her breath there is no perfume. The sound of music is more attractive than her voice. In her walking style he found no divinity. After this entire thing still he loves her. He loves her more than those lovers who loved their beloved by false compare. He doesn't want her beauty; he preferred the...