Comparative Study Brave New World & Blade Runner

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You have studied two texts composed at different times. In comparing these texts and their contexts, how has your understanding of In the Wild been developed and reshaped?‘In the wild’ explores the links between humanity and the innate rhythms and cycles of the natural world. The key characteristics of humanity, such as individuality and the ability to love, are another vital part of ‘In the Wild’. These links are scrutinized through two different texts, Blade Runner, an ironic postmodern film directed by Ridley Scott and Brave New World, a dark satirical novel written by Aldous Huxley. Although composed in different periods, both texts paint a bleak picture of the dystopia caused by man meddling with humanity and distressing the world’s natural rhythms. Both these texts deepened and furthered my understanding of humanity’s need for nature.

Brave New World features an oppressive world state government. The ‘Controllers’ are the only individuals in the text, as they choose how they live, “But as I make the law her, I can also break them.

With impunity”. This totalitarian government reflects the rise of dictators during the early 1920’s & 1930’s. Huxley uses irony through the World State motto “Community, Identity, Stability”. In reality the World State encapsulates the antithesis of this idealistic rubric. The oppression of the individual is shown as “Each one of us goes through life inside a bottle”. Mond also pronounces “Our civilization has chosen machinery and medicine … That’s why I have to keep these books locked up”. This act to suppress Shakespeare and other literature dramatically accentuates the extent to which totalitarian regimes restrain literature, which inspires individuality. Individuality is a vital trait of humanity, without which we become dehumanized. Through this I learnt the importance of being an individual in respect to our humanity.

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