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Compare and contrast essay

Levi Adams


Other people, who don't know a lot about track and field, might think the events seem the same. That's not the case; all of the events vary in different ways. In track and field there are two field events that use the sand pit. Those two events are long jump and triple jump. Long jump is when the athlete runs down the runway and tries to leap as far as possible from a take-off point. Triple jump is when the competitor runs down the track and performs a hop, a bound, and then a jump into the sand pit. A bound is basically a leaping stride. These are very similar events, but they also have some differences. There are three basics to these events; the first part is getting your mark, where you will start for the event. Next is where you jump from and last is how you jump.

For both long jump and triple jump the jumper has to get their mark. This is the spot where the jumper starts at for both events. How they get their mark for these events is almost the same. To get their mark for long jump, they start with their dominant foot placed on top of the center of the jumping board, since that is where you will want to jump from. Then run at the pace that they are expecting to run towards the jump, most of the time it is an all-out sprint. Measure off at 6 or 7 steps, counting one step as every time their dominant foot hits the ground. Then where the last step is that is where their mark is. Triple jump has different boards on which athletes choose to take their jump from. Whichever board...