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Indepedent Study: Poetry Compare and Contrast Introduction: Poetry has been described as the artistic expression of thought in emotional language. This language of poetry is imagery. To completely understand and appreciate poetry, one must further analyze these sometimes complex images.

For my analysis, I have chosen to study the works of both Simon and Garfunkel and John Newlove. Although both Simon and Garfunkel?s ?The Dangling Conversation? and John Newlove?s ?The Weather? share a theme concerning the importance of communication, they have many differences, which makes them an intriguing choice for analysis.

Biographical Details: Born in Regina in 1938, John Newlove lived for a number of years in Russian farming communities on the eastern edges of Saskatchewan.1 He attended the University of Saskatoon for one year before embarking on an extensive tour around Canada. Prior to this, John had worked briefly as a high school teacher in Manitoba, as a social worker in Saskatchewan, in radio in Weyburn and Regina, and in various labouring jobs in British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

After 1986, John Newlove worked for the federal government in Ottawa.2 Concerning Newlove?s life as a poet, his verse was greatly influenced by Canadian geography. These geographical influences included the Prairies, with its oppressed Indians, ethnic minorities, and the vastness and austerity of its terrain. His poetry has been widely published throughout Canada and overseas, in addition to appearing in numerous anthologies. Newlove worked as a publisher?s editor and had been writer-in-residence at several Canadian universities. He has published a number of books, as well.3 On the other hand, Simon and Garfunkel were born and raised in the Forest Hills of New York. Paul Simon was born on October 13, 1941 and Art Garfunkel, on November 5, 1941. The two New York natives teamed up musically during...