Compare and contrast 2 children's books: one toodler ages 0-1 and one child book age 2-3

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Getting Ahead with Reading

Growing up I remember when my parents would get my brother and I ready for bed and before the lights shut off it was story time. It was that special time for my brother and I to listen to our parents read to us about horses, far away islands and of talking plants. I think that it helped me progress in my vocabulary and also helped increase my imaginary skills. Comparing the two children's books, I felt they teach valuable lessons as well as help in developing new skills.

The first book I read was Messy Bessey's Closet by Patricia Mckissack. I really enjoyed this book that was aimed toward infants aged zero to three years. The book is quite small in size compared to the others, but it packs a few powerful messages. Mckissack was quite creative in her method of structuring the sentences.

Not only did all the sentences rhyme but also did a good job in conveying the message of the book. The book's central themes were, cleaning your closet to match your clean room and after your done cleaning taking the items that you don't use anymore and giving or donating them to people who can use them. I think this book does a great job in fostering development in children. For instance, when I went to the library I took my three-old cousin to help me pick out books. We read this book together at home and the next week he asked his mom to help him clean his toy closet. He's mother was of course baffled that he would even ask that. I think this book will defiantly help develop the idea of donating or sharing your belongings with not just your siblings but as well as others. In...