Compare and contrast between Firefighter and Paramedic

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Fireman Vs. Paramedic

Saving lives is the ultimate goal for both a fireman and paramedic, but their training and everyday lives are very different. Firemen go through ten to twelve forty hour weeks of classroom and physical training. Paramedics go through two years of intense classroom training and must complete a designated amount of clinical hours, and current Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) course. During both fireman and paramedic training, both require extensive hands on , both can be mentally and physically challenging, and both need Cardiopulmonary Restitution(CPR) training. One of the most important aspects of a fireman and paramedics job is a constant concern for not only their safety but for the safety of everyone around them.

To survive a day in the life of a fireman and paramedic, they both must properly wear and use protective safety equipment. This equipment protects fireman from extreme hot and cold conditions, and paramedics from common and contagious diseases.

While they both wear the protective equipment, the equipment itself is very different. Firemen wear oversized pants, jackets, and boots. Depending on the situation, they sometimes wear personal protective equipment and airpacks to protect them from toxic and superheated gases. Paramedics usually wear body substance isolation and face respirator to keep themselves from catching any diseases from bloodborne and airborne pathogens which are spread by droplets. Wearing their safety equipment helps them effectively deal with the situation at hand.

Once the call comes out, both fireman and paramedics race to the scene in their emergency vehicles. Since they both work longs days, it is not uncommon for them to go form asleep to wide awake. Paramedics usually arrive at the scene first. Their vehicle is compact and easily maneuverable. As for the fire truck, the size and...