Compare and Contrast the Development and Establishment of the colonies of Virginia and Massachusetts Bay

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Like Virginia, Massachusetts Bay was settled by Europeans. Both settlements struggled to survive at first. They both also encountered natives living there before they arrived. In Virginia there were the Algonquians and in Massachusetts Bay there was a large number of Puritans.

Although there were many differences between the two colonies it comes as to no surprise that they are very much so related in their hardships. Such as in Virginia there was disease, famine and continuing attacks of the neighboring Algonquians which took a tremendous toll on the population. Only sixty out of the original two hundred and fourteen settlers at Jamestown survived. While at the Massachusetts Bay the settlers had their hardships too, the long, harsh winters, the unfertile soil, the lurking red man, often very hostile, and other obstacles common to pioneer life.

They were also different in many ways for instance in Virginia as the population struggled to survive striving off the Powhatan and their food, furs, fruits, and their shelters.

In Massachusetts Bay the growth of their colony was phenomenal. This phenomenal growth lasted for about ten years. During this time more than twenty thousand home seekers had sailed into the harbors of Massachusetts Bay.

Sure they had their hard times but they were greatly improving over time whereas the colony of Virginia was greatly depreciating over time and the colony of Virginia had to depend on others the entire time they were there. But not the colony of the Massachusetts Bay they did a lot of he things on their on. Strong houses soon took the place of the early built cabins and herds of cattle, goats, and swine covered the countryside, and ships were soon carrying loads of lumber, salt fish and furs to their mother country. Where Virginia were running back...