Compare and Contrast Discipline or Abuse

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Comparison and Contrast

Discipline or Abuse

Carl R. Foster

June 23, 2009

Barbara Murray

University of Phoenix

Compare and Contrast

Discipline or Abuse

The chosen subject to compare and contrast is Discipline or Abuse. What is discipline and what is considered abuse. The types of discipline that can be used without being considered abuse, The realm of public opinion will be explored with a wide array of perceptions as discussed in the paper; "Discipline and Development: A Meta-Analysis of Public Perceptions of Parenting, Parents, Child Development and Child Abuse." Meg Bostrom, Public Knowledge, LLC; May, 2003.

The view the public holds on parental responsibility indicates that parents are doing a worse job of parenting than past generations, and the lack of parental supervision is a more serious than drugs, divorce or inadequate schools. With the rise of the two income family there has been a decline in the two parent family.

Accordingly, the perception of that one parent should remain at home to look after them is still quite prevalent in public perception. "Developmentally inappropriate expectations of children may influence how parents choose to discipline and may undermine policies, programs and activities." (Discipline and Development p.3)

A further element of a cultural context is the term "child abuse" which suggests extreme physical harm. People struggle with where the line is between "discipline" and "abuse." Physical punishments are not necessarily abusive, depending on the age of the child and the severity of the act. In contrast, spanking is not the preferred disciplinary activity and some say they use this option rarely. With the information received from sources outside the home the children use the word "abuse" against the parent when disciplining, adding to the reluctance to use a form of corporal punishment. Joan E. Durrant...